Precious Violet

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Frequently, I find myself inspired along a theme. Not just by the elements lying around on my bead table - but by something in life or literature that captures my imagination. These are my collections. They are not grouped by type of jewellery but by the senses and emotions each piece invokes as I create it. Click on the collection title or picture to find out more. Any items not labelled as SOLD are available to purchase.


I've also included a section here for my commissions - because working to commission is such a large part of what I do. This is a more random assortment, created to perfectly complement a particular outfit or as a gift with particular meaning for a friend or loved one.


Every culture in history has had a belief in the divine and a mythology to explain the world around them. Each of my Ancient World pieces is inspired by these deities, their legends and the powers attributed to them.

Imagine the Black Pearl, rediscovered Aztec gold, desert islands, the smell of sea salt and the gentle swell of topical waters. Fell the excitement of adventure and frisson of romance. Most importantly, think of Johnny Depp. Yep - that should tell you everything you need to know!

A collection dedicated to my obsession with the porcelain, ceramic and stoneware components crafted by Petra Carpreau. Individually unique, Petra uses unusual shapes, textures, glazes and colours in her items. Her work just fires the imagination. New pieces will be added regularly, as I am a self confessed addict.

A range of tribal/African-influenced items in which I make good use of ceramic art beads, copper, bronze and a healthy dose of semi-precious mineral stones. Expect to see plenty of imagery from the plains of africa, alongside reds, browns, gold and teracotta colours.

You cannot live without love... A series of classic ballet inspired wedding pieces. Exquisite handcrafted artisan pendants, simply and elegantly set alonside swarovski crystals and highest quality precious metal components. The perfect complement to your fairytale - whatever character you choose.

I love to create items that perfectly complement a special outfit, occasion or person - in terms of both colour and content, Comissions undertaken include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, beaded watches and fascinator embellishments. Very importantly, jewellery is individually sized to the wearer.

Put simply, these are pieces which carry a donation to charity as part of their sale. It's not always the same charity - the causes I choose depend very much on what is going on in the world whilst I'm creating an item or when I list it. Feel wonderful inside and out!

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I have always found the imagery of sun, sea and sand so refreshing and relaxing. Of course I do - I'm a Pisces and was brought up at the seaside! Its no surprise then that I have a collection dedicated to the magic of life beside the ocean.

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Helen Backhouse is an a local artist friend who has recently been designing polymer clay work using moulds made from natural objects in her garden. Her wonderful eye for colour adds much to my designs and you will always find a selection of our joint work in the Platform Gallery in Clitheroe.